by Guttermask

Self Destruct (free) 02:38
the pride of pigs in the palace pens dogs of war smart uniformed men sent to kill for coloured ribbon you know its gonna self destruct the righteous king of the old blood lines spits his orders to the marching lines upon the throne safely far behind you know its gonna self destruct pretty pictures everywhere product placement in our stare a clever dose of mind warfare soldier soldier in the dirt tell me why your conscience hurts fighting for a brave new world order order in the court lock away the reasons for war you know its for the greater good but i know (its gonna self destruct the television will make you sick programming minds on what to think soap for the washing and fear is a fix
my head was in the gutter of a terrible dream i really think id better get a belly full of steam and get myself away from here this aint my home or all it appears there are eyes in the sky i see planes fly by making clouds that cloud my troubled mind I see God in the face of Adolf Hitler I see God in Martin Luther I see God in the hearts that hate and I see God in the minds of the great for a dollar a day brown childrean make the clothes that you just throw away its a sale of sin just dont ask why ignorance is bliss when we dont hear them cry its simple economics and you dont understand it at all there are no nations anymore just share holders and boardrooms profiting from wars dividing the world and feeding the flames enslaving us all with debt to our names we'll write a song to save the world (but it will never work)
FKN CNTS (free) 02:00
Paper For Gold (free) 04:00
so so so sleepy blurry climb above this cemetery and see the sunlight shine in symmetry don't know how long it's been was it the voice of the TV screen that told me for peace we must have war wake up - it's happening its now - it's everything our freedom falls disguised in laws in debt lies slavery get mad as hell don't take it anymore the bombs that fall cant win this war the soldier shoots when hes told to in the name of me and you its paper for gold and they want your home everything you own to pay back the loan the price of life is on the rise the prison profit enterprise
Invading Clouds (free) 03:00
Panopticon (free) 03:58
silence sits upon the throne as they make castles in my home graves are for the wall that falls for a common conning cure and all i ever do salt is soothing but were moving from the ocean to the shore with all the souls that swim inept in cold fetal silhouettes shine shadows on the secrets of stupendous saints of sex rolling wombs out for the lepers setting free the mindless deathless now recite my disciple my sweet acolyte we have the loss of exhaled delight through sorrow the king has taken my wings the curtains glow in the light its check mate so stay up late pass the days with coloured grace you are the god of your own little race though the suppers at my door the letterbox is sore off the bone is quite alright for them


This e.p is a frontal attack on all the things that piss Guttermask off. Each song has its own world, and the E.P shocks and excites in all the right places. The lyrics are aimed, satirical and served with a cynical bite.

Colin Jones - Weapons of Mass Production
Geoff Gardiner - Howls and Growls


released June 29, 2010

Written and Produced by Guttermask


all rights reserved



Lost at Sea Records Liverpool

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