We are the Dead

by Peggy Brainchild

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Recorded with the curtains closed in red lights and Orwellian drip feed psychosis.


released November 11, 2008

Written and Produced by Peggy Brainchild



all rights reserved


Lost at Sea Records Liverpool

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Track Name: Mere Illusions
I've got to get myself my only
just a momentary fix
too cold outside my pride is achin just a bit
so someone sold you something just to ease the pain
no more they thought that they could take away the pain

looks like its raining again
maybe they'll just stay

so no-one thanks you needs you when you turn the other cheek
three times you lived with the lion in the street
so far feelings are far from your thoughts
no better way no better life no more

looks like its raining again
maybe they ll just stay in

you got to get your only way of knowing who you are
too many times you been lookin too far
I thought that virtue was all in a smile
but don't trust the devil when he wants to stay a while
Track Name: UNGOD
Put your clothes on it's not what it seems
wipe your smile with all your broken dreams
sit tight and tell me just what you meant
your tongue is talking but your not making sense

and so it's so sentimental to
confuse the virgin of her fruit
God's got an answer in a sympathetic smile
lost in the pages of a human denial

put it all together boy it's all in your head
the secrets that they sold you were the ones you never read
and so it seems what you know is never right
what makes you different when you scream and fight

cos they all stand up for you
go fetch the stick for you
and they trust noone but you
but I say God is inn us too

It's never over the wars have just begun
Jesus is living in an asylum
crucified with drugs
and colours fight on reality-v

But I wont stand up for you
go Fetch the stick for you
cos I trust noone like you
I say God is in us too

I'm not making no sense if the moment pretends
to be anything but you
in a blissful decline
we slowly entwine
and forget we ever knew
I'm not making no sense
get it all off my chest
but all's I seem to do
Track Name: Nothing For Me
It's what you needed when you got to get along
two feet with nothing but your mind to walk it on
too much to talk about and no more words to say
its getting older getting thinner by the day
I know its nothing that you need to sing about
two minds that sink when a voice starts screaming out

I cant take no more
my mind screams out with thoughts
for miles and miles I see
this life it got nothing for me

so what you want what you want me to do?
cant get no feeling less than nothing to do
so many minds confused in blame
so what you gotta lotta real lose change

I cant take no more
my mind screams out with thoughts
for miles and miles I see
this life it got nothing for me

Dont wanna lose what I never really got
the truth is that my future forgot
its so sad so sad to see
that this life it got nothing for me
Track Name: We are the Dead
oh why so pretty and why so tame
the daylight eats away all of your blame
you see it all
with your curtains closed
no time to feel all the love they show

I see light I see through the day
the morning gives those moments away
so why so lucky
and why so free
a little lost in neon TV

there's so much time
to do what you feel
so little time for my mind to heal and....
Track Name: Remember
ive got to step inisde these changes and forget you ever knew
these times they feel so rotten when they poke their fun at you
cos I can wait till morning
I've been sleeping with my smile
I told another story to the girl who stayed a while

remember what they wanted when they came with open arms
I see no sense in leaving the satisfactory bonds
so why not make your bed up and stay another night
try and keep the moments in the bottom of your mind
Track Name: Make up Your Bed
you say all that you see in your mind
its not that cold but i wont stand in line
open you eyes and make up your bed
live with the nonsense that pours out your head

gotta get by gotta get high on my own
gotta know
gotta know why gotta know why I'm alone
well take me or leave me but never say why
love me or leave me its OK to try

you found out what they wanted from you
just a moment a moment to lose
open your heart and do what you feel
live with your love and believe that its real

so you find what really makes you sane
with sunlight comes the chances to make change
open your eyes and make up your bed
live with the nonsense that pours out your head