Beneath The Mindless Ocean

by Brainwire

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one more is all it takes to set you free from your mistakes you got soul comfort in the pouring rain you can see it wash away your blame I know my head is sometimes lost confused by what I'm not seems like a human zoo no place for me with you is it only me who sees how it should be one cure for feeling sure is asking questions and wanting more I can see why a soldier shoots its not himself he puts in the boots a uniform can make you strange it seems like like you have changed here's to the memory of the lost truth of history maybe somewhere in the stars lies the answer to who we are and until we reach the day when we know to whom we pray we struggle on and we fight over who's old books are right its not only me who sees how it should be
down below the heavy waves of time the colours shine so deep they'll turn you blind i float upon heavens yawn that cracks the morning with golden dawn tangerine gleams beckoning my dreams the breath of the ocean whispers to me hypnotic melodies beneath the mindless ocean they sleep in walking motion and live the blinds illusion and fight in life's confusion they ask for one solution they pray for retribution they sink in trick philosophy they swim in words of hate and greed subdued by chemical potion to sleep in this mindless ocean
under the spreading chestnut tree I sold you and you sold me I sat with my head in your hands and i said made you a promise we'll do it again and soon my love we will dance soon my love we will dance in a suicide romance backwards and forwards and upwards we talk but the words they are twisting and away i do fall I sit with my head in my hands and I say why does it always end up this way goodbye my love goodbye my love (this isn't like me at all) (this isn't like me at all) we spoke in the rain in cold seasons change in the sight of spring I remember everything I awoke to taste a dream that I erased now I cant sleep nothing tastes as sweet in 4 walls of me I fall silently so I think i should go I think you should know I've been through your mind in time I hope that you'll see that memory of me that makes you smile and in that place we would go where your flowers they grow by your favourite tree I'll pick one up for her and give it to you in someone new Under the spreading chestnut tree i sold you and you sold me
faceless is the secret show that causes life to ebb and flow cold light now break upon the free lift your head so you can see these fragments of eternity shimmer softly faintly fade away beautifully cast in chains a wire plugged into your brain that tingling electric sound strikes the chord that drags them down give up your secrets know why your mind hurts much more when thoughts burst Then all your mind explodes with what you find keep your distance from the blind and the ones who waste your time must give up on their dreams to feed a hungry scream day and night work their machines keep those factories nice and clean does a mind have a price like laboratory mice traps of class left and right to be free you gotta fight or its all just a loss like the meaning of the cross that's worshipped by the lost and the crazy at a cost we live in a cage where minds are bred as slaves and the children fill with rage scream and spit in daddy's face let it all fade away in sanity I shall stay
Silent City 01:30
the door is open though slightly out of reach a morning opus catches in the breeze the silent city rushes right by me close your door
when you were young and that summer sun went on and on inside you shone those endless days the games you played seem so far in the past yet a song can take you back never knew it would go so fast now the summers seem overcast got aches and pains no breathe to play no games as time slips away new memories are made never thought I would grow up and fall in love and feel the hurt of breaking up and the song that plays returns the days and I taste the air of a life without care I've got my hate and my hip flask to melt the face of my own past forgotten ways of living for today are drowned in shame that taints the poetry that we became felt through faith or viewed thought glass this patch of shade upon the grass in a funny kind of way it feels like home where the young spirits roam through the endless summer sun I'll never forget you know
secrets are always afraid of the past I don't know how long this sanity will last blind is the river that carries me home and warm is the wind that blows through my soul sleep like a memory await to be free give up your heart to all that you see raise up your glass and we'll drink to our sores a drop in the ocean of heavens lost cause who shall we be the blind or the free the future is now history defined everything else is just frozen in time the spark lights the fire the red embers burn the glow keeps you warm in the lessons you've learned mostly in moments that flutter away looking for god in peculiar ways finding yourself in the face of the crowd follow the leader repeat it out loud who shall we be the blind or the free? escape to her garden and let yourself grow sleep in her dreams awake in her flow mostly in moments of strange melody the song of the ages is sung by the free who shall we be the blind or the free


released May 27, 2011

Written and Produced by Colin Jones and Austin Dyer

Recorded at Lost at Sea Studios (Liverpool)

Colin Jones - Acoustic Guitars/Vocals/Piano/Keyboards/

Austin Dyer - Electric Guitars/Vocals/Bass/Acoustic/

Andrew William Hall - Violins

Ciaran Bell - Drums

Rory Ballantine - Trumpets


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