The Last Setting Sun

by The Dawn Fanfare

Watch out for the preacher with Jesus in his bones Reachin out for ya money Cos god he needs his throne As the soldier dreams Sleeps through the screams The hero has seen Just what freedom means Watch out for the police Policies to force Not nice for the dreamer Escaping from the wars With all ya force Get up off the floor No more shall war Be forced upon the poor The salt of the seas Is forgotten histories Shaped by the breeze Of our own destinies Get out of the city She got no love for me Her thousand eyes Keeps a track of me As the soldier dreams Sleeps through the screams The hero has seen Just what freedom means
So many things I could have done so many races i could have won so many songs i wish id have sung spent my days playin catch up with the sun so many wrongs i should have made right i shouldnt run when i should fight there were times when i should have cried instead of hiding beneath my pride see how it works you get nothing from this world if your waiting for your life to happen see how it hurts just observin the world afraid to make things happen so many stories i wish i could tell so many promises i broke to myself all the dreams i had when i was young fading more the older i become
Why am I keeping Your pictures on my wall Does it solve the feeling] Ive gotta gotta give her some more My mind was sleeping In the memory of your warmth My soul was creeping to follow you out the door I thought that I could shake it I thought that it would go but instead your everywhere and my heart wont let you go But is it wrong if I see you In the smile of another girl Is it wrong if I feel you in the arms of another girl So the story goes wherever the wind blows ill meet you in the middle of the crossing of our roads
Though myhands may be tied Your ignorance is blind in the TV dreams make your children scream I'll die on my feet than live on my knees I'm caught in a storm To keep my senses numb The last setting sun a golden age begun I will die on my feet than live on my knees where the wind blows


This is the last E.P from the Dawn Fanfare. The blistering live band who shocked and awed wherever they played live. There was a passion in there, that is translated differently into the recordings. But the live shows were like no other. If you were lucky enough to catch them at one of their Liverpool shows, I am sure you wont forget it. Passionate seething energy, blistering through the P.A system. They played their last gig at Mojo on 30th May 2011. Though it might not be fully over yet.

Acoustic/Vocals - Colin Jones

Electric Guitars - Geoff Gardiner

Sax/Keys/Vox - Jenny Kermode

Drums - Ciaran Bell

Bass - Craig Ebrell


released April 3, 2011

Written and produced by The Dawn Fanfare at Lost at Sea studios, Liverpool.


all rights reserved



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