Strange Observations

by Peggy Brainchild

why am i keeping your pictures on my wall does it solve the feeling of gotta gotta give some more my mind was sleeping in the memory of your warmth and my soul is creeping to follow you out the door i thought that i could shake it i thought that it would go but instead your everywhere and my heart wont let you go is it wrong to feel you in the arms of another girl is it wrong if i see you in the smile of another girl so the story goes wherever the wind blows ill meet you in the middle of the crossing of our roads
A Richer Man 02:03
Babylon is bleeding beneath the sea an Orwellian Eden grows around me fly too high to the sun and break your back in the war you won i want my head to stay above the clouds you make your Nobel man of peace still feeds upon the weak there is something on the inside a richer man whos blood boils different than the poor man and his food don't taste as good im sick in my stomach from your medicine im sick of the cameras and all the kings men
I Gotta Know 03:44
Why do your war boats ride on my water why do your death bombs fall from my sky why do you burn my farm and my town down sir I just gotta know What makes your boats haul death to my people blockbuster cannons and guns why don't your ships bring some food and some clothing Sir I just gotta know Hungry lips are asking me wherever I do roam comrades and friends are falling around me and I sure gotta know Why cant my hands get a good paying job I can work I can plant I can sew I built your big house where you hide from my people but why do you crave to hide? What good sir have you done I ask you to deserve my money from my hands Why does your law book chase me off my land well sir, I just gotta know Hungry lips are asking me wherever I do roam comrades and friends are falling around me and I sure gotta know You lock me in jail and you shut me in prison your hospitals full your crazy house jammed what made that cop kill my trade union worker You gotta talk plain cos I don't know Hungry lips are asking me wherever I do roam comrades and friends are falling around me and I sure gotta know
I know the stories that shape over time a memory in melody a childrens rhyme the talk of the town has buried the clown and all the kings men are loose all around fe fi fo fun i smell the blood of of the wars you begun blessed be beautiful hollowed and vain sold by the systems for profit net gain the pleasures of old these freedoms I'm told float from our reach if we forget what we hold i know the ship is sinking right now but the captain has told us it's fine anyhow just stay on your knees and wait for your turn but the more that we stand the more that we learn
So many things I could have done so many races I could have won so many songs I wish id have sung spent my days playin catch up with the sun so many wrongs i should have made right I shouldn't run when i should fight there were times when i should have cried instead of hiding beneath my pride see how it works you get nothing from this world if your waiting for your life to happen see how it hurts just observin the world afraid to make things happen so many stories i wish i could tell so many promises i broke to myself all the dreams i had when i was young fading more the older i become
Voices 04:24


Another eclectic blend of brainchild pop in Strange Observations.

It was no surprise to me that Strange Observations by Peggy Brainchild turned out to be an eclectic collection of songs, as I've seen the man in motion some three or four times before - he has that quality that only geniuses and madmen have. He's a tall wonder of a guy with a mass of dark hair and a knack of getting noticed. On stage he delivers his music with a passion that can either entice the quiet listeners or encourage the care free dancers. However a recording is different from the real thing, and sometimes it seldom has the same effect of really being there. Never the less on this occasion Peggy manages to give us a little more when it comes to his recorded material.

Strange Observations seems to give the listener a proper look inside the mind of the artist and unlike those tunes that have been written to a formula for desired effect, Peggy's songs appear to be built by real feelings. He is a communicative songwriter and I can't help wondering if he's trying to tell somebody something. Whoever it is, I'm sure they know who they are.

The question remains throughout the album though; will we next be graced by Peggy's whispering vocals over an enchanting 'lump in your throat' tune (voices), or will we be given a jolt of the electricity evident in 'Eyes of Ra'? Peggy shifts unabashed from the grooves of reggae (3 Years) to the throw back of a cult 80's angst track, and then to a lull of poetry over a melody that swims effortlessly along. This man is one of many styles, and why not? Peggy still retains his own sound, whether it be to an upbeat, downbeat, acoustic, electric, melancholic, or dance beat.

Here we have an album of multiple emotions, and there is no doubting that there is something very special with a hint of sparkling madness going on with Peggy Brainchild.

Miss James


released June 29, 2010

Written and Produced by Peggy Brainchild


all rights reserved



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